Poba Medical has recently added several new BW-TEC  2530 4-up  balloon forming machines to our facility to continue to expand on our balloon development and high volume production capabilities.

 Equipment Details

The 2530 4up BW-TEC  machines are used to produce various types of thermoplastic balloons for interventional angioplasty like procedures  and other medical applications. These machines contain 4-fold water jacket capacity, height adjustable settings, and capability to produce up to 4 balloons per cycle. It also comes with a PLC controller, and simple user interface for data management and process repeatability.

These new 4-up balloons forming machines provide us with multiple benefits such as being able to blow up to four balloons at once, compared to just one at a time. This has increased our capacity by almost 500%, as this allows us to have one point of contact rather than having multiple machines with various quirks and settings. Having one central machine gives us greater output and saves time by reducing operator dependency.  With the addition of our BW-TEC equipment, we have seen a 20% faster process time, and 10-15% faster process yield. This has improved our output tremendously by allowing us to produce an additional 800 units per piece of equipment, per day.

 Customer Benefits

Adding the BW-TEC balloon formers is not only going to increase our product output, but also enhance our capabilities by giving us the ability to do technology transfers for our customers that are currently on the BW-TEC platforms. We will be able to develop processes on the machine, and transfer that recipe or transfer the piece of equipment with the recipe already developed and installed.

As we continue grow and expand, we are looking forward to adding the new BW-TEC balloon forming equipment to our process; and are excited for the new added capabilities that it will bring us in the medical balloon space.