Producing the Highest Balloon Quality and Optimized Design for Production

Poba Medical is a medical device contract design and development company perfecting process technology and the associated know-how to provide high quality rapid turn thermoplastic balloons for any interventional device or surgical device application. Poba Medical brings a unique understanding of the medical device requirements including raw extrusion, material selection, supplier quality systems, lead time impact, project management, and capital conservation.
ballon materials
Stock Medical Balloon and custom balloon design

Limitless Custom Options For All of Your Medical Balloon Needs/Applications/Solutions?

Poba has experience in working with a large range of balloon materials and dimensions that can be used across a wide variety of applications. Our diverse expertise is what makes us the perfect company for all of your custom medical balloon solutions. With our seasoned engineers and top of the line medical equipment, Poba has the ability to perform a full spectrum of capabilities from balloon concept, prototyping, all the way to design and manufacturing.

Available Materials:
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Compliant balloon catheters
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Blended Polyurethan balloons
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Dual & Multi-layer balloons
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Exotic Thermoplastic balloons
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Non-compliant balloon materials
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Nylon balloons
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Pellethane balloons
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
PET balloons
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Poba51™ balloons
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Polyurethane balloons
Balloon development manufacturing and balloon design
Semi-compliant balloon materials
Besiness Highlights

Balloon Sizes, Ranges and Burst Capabilities

Poba Medical operates in an ISO 14644 Class 8 (100,000) cleanroom with ten (10) dedicated balloon forming production lines capable of producing 25,000 balloons per month/per customer. We understand how to take Devices from Initial Concepts to Completion while maintaining consistent and predictable results to deliver the highest balloon quality and optimized production. Additional catheter sub-assembly capability includes:

balloon diameter design and testing
1mm to 45mm
balloon catheter length testing
5mm to 320mm
balloon burst testing and development
BurstBlow balloons
with RBP (rated burst pressure) of up to 48 atm - 700 PSI
medical balloon compliance and testing
Balloons from non-compliant to semi-compliant; Materials from polyurethane to multi-layer nylons
 Contract manufacturing

Prioritizing Every Project, Every time

Work with Balloon Catheter Experts who understand every stage of the balloon process and who can deliver the expertise that you need every step of the way. Partner and unite forces with our balloon experts to take initial drawing and turn them into full production products. We specialize in product concept development, prototyping and manufacturing to your exact parameters and specifications. You can focus on what you need to do while having confidence and peace at mind knowing that your projects is being prioritized, managed and executed with the industry leading balloon catheter engineers and polymer experts. Our top-quality medical balloon design, development and manufacturing services are used across numerous minimally invasive clinical applications such as:

urethan medical balloons with braided catheters
Device Applications:
ablation balloon design and manufacturing
Ablation Devices
Atherectomy balloon catheter development
Atherectomy catheters  
custom medical balloon design with integrated sensors
Balloons with Integrated Sensors
Covered impact and cuff balloon design
Covered Impant & Cuff Design
cryogenic medical balloon development
Cryogenic balloon catheters
dilation medical balloons and catheter development
Dilation balloons and catheters
drug deliver balloon catheters
Drug delivery devices
medical dual balloon manufacturing and tri-balloon catheter design
Dual and Tri-Balloon Configurations
end-vascular balloon catheter design
Endovascular – endoscopic balloon catheters
ENT medical balloons and balloon catheter design
Ears, Nose & Throat -ENT Device Optimization
heat transfer balloon catheter development
Heat Transfer catheters
intravascular pumps and balloon design
Intravascular pumps
Laser balloon catheter design
Laser balloon catheters
Neurovascular balloon design and manufacturing
occlusion balloon design and center balloons
Occlusion and Centering balloons
Photodynamic therapy with balloon catheter design
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) devices
position catheters for manufacturability
Positioning catheters
pica medical balloons and Pat balloon catheters
PTCA and PTA medical balloons
Rapid exchange balloons and over the wire balloon manufacturing
Rapid Exchange (RX) and Over the wire (OTW) Catheter Design
robotic spinal surgery balloon development
Robotic Spinal Surgery
self expanding and balloon expandable design and development
Self expanding & Balloon Expandable Design
spinal delivery medical balloon design
Spinal Disease
stent delivery medical balloon manufacturer
Stent delivery medical balloon catheters
structural heart balloon catheter development
Structural heart balloon catheters  
balloon catheter vessel anchoring design
Vessel Anchoring Balloons
medical balloon design for veterinary devices
Vetinary Device design
urethane balloons for visualization
Visualization balloons with integrated camera’s
medical balloon manufacturing for women's health
Women's Health
balloon catheter design and development facility
20,000 square foot facility
unique balloon development and design projects
100+ unique projects annually
medical balloon development nd design for clinicians
4 Clinician Entrepreneur Projects
balloon design and manufacturing production customers
2 Conversion to Production Orders
Medical Balloon supplier
Medical balloon manufacturing company

Single Source Supplier For All of Your Complex Medical Balloons

Rely on qualified engineers and polymer experts to strengthen your design, develop rapid prototypes while staying compliant with government regulations and expand for manufacturability. Our team of balloon experts is able to quickly produce design concepts that meet all of your challenging balloon requirements for multi-layer extrusions, high burst pressures or specific features, lengths and diameters. Poba Medical is a single source partner who offers best in class quality product development that you can rely on.

balloon catheter shaft development and manufacturing
Balloon Catheter Shaft development
balloon expandable stent replacement design and development
Balloon Expandable stent placement
balloon catheter balloon fluting
Balloon Fluting
medical balloon forming and balloon design
Balloon Forming
balloon catheter performance testing
Balloon performance testing
multi-layer balloon catheters and tubing
Balloon Tubing and multi-layer extrusion
balloon catheter wrapping and design
Balloon Wrapping
balloon catheter lamination manufacturing
Catheter Lamination
balloon catheter tipping and drilling manufacturing
Catheter Tipping & Drilling
concept design & development balloon catheter manufacturing
Concept design and development
design for manufacturability balloon development
Design for manufacturability
drug coated pet balloons
Drug Coated Balloons
High pressure medical balloon development and design
High Pressure Balloons
balloon catheter extrusion
In-house extrusion
Laser welding medical balloon manufacturing
Laser Welding
Medical balloon development market band swaging
Marker Band Swaging
Medical balloon design parison stretching
Parison Stretching
Balloon Catheter design, pleating and folding
Pleating & Folding
Pre-clinical balloon design and pilot manufacturing
Pre-clinical and pilot manufacturing   
Quick Turn Balloons for Balloon Catheter Design
Quick Turn Balloons  
Rapid Prototyping for Medical Balloon Design
Rapid Prototyping
Raw Materials for Balloon Catheter Design
Raw Materials
Tube Welding for Balloon Catheters
Tube Welding
Balloon Design & Development

Balloon Design and Development

Our specialty in custom balloon development includes balloon extrusion design, custom tool design, balloon catheter design, balloon forming recipe development, testing and inspection. Additionally, technology transfer is available upon request.

Balloon Catheter Device Assembly

Device Assembly

A variety of assembly processes which involve both cleanroom and non-clearnrooom applications ranging from R&D and prototype development to both low and high volume production.

Balloon Catheter Pilot Manufacturing

Pilot Manufacturing

Products are put through rigorus testing to ensure that processes are achieving their upmost potential and products have the highest possible quality.

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balloon testing services

Balloon Testing

Poba Medical develops and delivers medical balloon manufacturing criteria that closely observes and documents all variables that include temperature, pressure, balloon expansion and overall stretch to attain and uphold dependable and predictable results. Our balloon forming recipe development and equipment produces top quality in regard to controlling stress-and-strain ratios, burst and compliance specifications. All implemented processes surround our customer requirements and parameters to produce all products to spec every single time.

Balloon Development Testing and Manufacturing
Testing Capabilities:
Balloon Catheter Wall Thickness Testing
Wall Thickness
Balloon Tail Dimensions Testing
Tail Dimensions
Balloon Catheter Diameter Growth Testing
Diameter Growth Compliance
Balloon Catheter Rated Burst Pressure Testing
Rated Burst Pressure
Nominal Diamter Performance Testing
Nominal Diameter Performance
Balloon Catheter Visual Defect Inspection
Visual Defect Inspection
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