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Balloon & Process
All about Poba

Poba Medical, the contract manufacture who can support both small and large volume balloon development projects.

Intro to Balloon-U

Here we will be providing a little insight to balloon development and the variety of steps that goes into it all.

Intro to Blow Molding

A brief introduction to Cristian Montañez and blow molding. The first step to understanding  balloon development.

Introduction to the Nylon Material

Why do companies request the different grades of Nylon material for their medical balloon development?

Nylon 12

Learning more specifics about Nylon 12 and what elements make up the differences between variations of the material.

The Technology Within The Balloon

The technology that is involved and the capabilities that it allows are way more advanced than what it once was.

Alternative Materials with Alvaro Laguna

Developing Sentient Engineering LLC and APTERA™ (Wingless, constructed and UHMWPE balloons)

Balloon-U Episode #7 - Sentient's Core Competencies

Diving a little deeper into  Sentient's core competencies and what has allowed Alvaro Laguna to become so successful in the medical device world!

Balloon-U Episode #8 - Yoga In My Free Time

From blowing balloons to pursuing yoga. Setting the tone for the day and creating that perfect balance.

Adapting to New Request

Ultra Large Diameter - NO PROBLEM!

Keeping a Healthy Work Environment

Everything isn't always in our control, but that's okay!

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