The early days for any startup are the most energizing and FUN times that you will ever experience during the entire process of building a business. With the right team, the process from inception to exit often happens at light-speed and we take these early brainstorming sessions, business meetings, and collaborations for granted as we grow from 3 to 30 to 100 employees and quickly realize that communication is more challenging. We hear about the "A" players all the time on this site and I firmly believe in hiring and creating "A" players from the engineering college graduating classes each and every year.

I have been very fortunate to have had the chance to mold capable engineering talent from many of this countries best Bioengineering Institutions; Johns Hopkins, Rensylear Polytechnic, Cal Poly SLO, Arizona State University, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin, University of Arizona, Purdue University, Ohio State, San Diego State, and many, many, others. Going on 30 years in the medical device industry, it never gets old to work with your senior team member who has 3 months under his/her belt and never met a project that was too BIG. When you are contemplating your next career move or you finally jump into that startup idea that has kept you up for months, build a team that loves to work together. The journey will be far more rewarding!!!!

Latest "20-Something" Prodigy and recent NAU Mechanical Engineering Graduate and the former top Whole Foods sandwich/pizza creator, Bryce Igo.