Having attended my first TCT in 1989 while working at a small catheter startup (ACS) it is impressive to witness how far the interventional device industry has come in a relatively short time. The days of live case transmissions with balloon ruptures, vessel perforations, stent dislodgment, snare manipulations, intra-procedural aneurysm ruptures, guide wire tip dislocations, eager surgical backup, etc. etc. are gone. The most complicated multi-valve or valve-in-valve structural heart cases now seem mundane and routine. A major credit to all the engineers, scientists, clinical specialists, regulatory affairs professionals, pre-clinical specialists, catheter technicians, cardiologists, nurses, cath lab professionals, clinical trial monitors, angel investors, and numerous entrepreneurs whom have spearheaded the advances in this amazing field of interventional medicine. Kudos to CRF, Marty Leon, and the amazing team that puts this together every year! And the greatest benefactor of their amazing work......THE PATIENTS.