Diego Ricardo Higueras Ruiz is originally from Granada Spain, which is where he obtained his mechanical engineering degree. “Physics and mechanics have been a fascinating field my entire life. After working in the automotive field for a while, I felt this great need to ask myself: How can I take my career one step further and what can I do to contribute to improve peoples’ lives using all the knowledge acquired from college?” This question took him all the way from Granada to the welcoming town of Flagstaff, Arizona, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in bioengineering.

His desire to apply all of his engineering knowledge to the medical field is what led him to POBA Medical - a medical device start-up with a tremendous bioengineering foundation. POBA Medical produces balloon catheters that are used for many things such as surgeries, medical inspections, and drug delivery. Diego states that being able to be a part of the development process, assisting with research, and the fantastic work environment, is what “empowers him every day in his bioengineering career”. “At the end of the day our main goal is to improve and save lives.” This is the powerful fuel that runs the big engine called POBA Medical.