It is always a long grind, capital is never secured as fast as promised, iterating novel technology feels like moving mountains, IP rights are unpredictable, NIH Funds are never in the financial plan, smart clinician inventors don't know shit about business, and those who can bootstrap through pre-clinical testing to achieve human clinical evidence will WIN!

At Symple Surgical they have paused Renal Denervation, repurposed our DirectAblate™ microwave ablation technology toward treatment of Barret's Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma, fled Menlo Park for Flagstaff AZ and Sacramento CA, realigned our team, and have survived the emotional ups and downs of MEDTEC invention. A sincere THANK YOU to all who have helped us to this point.

Check out our latest DirectAblate™ device operation with one-touch automated ablation motion, circumferential and longitudinal motion control, single balloon size covering 18mm - 36mm diameters, visible LED ablation indicator guide, reduced treatment episodes to achieve complete Barrett's cell eradication.