Poba Medical entered into a partnership agreement with Chamfr™to promote, sell, and distribute a wide range of "off-the-shelf" interventional balloon and catheter products. This partnership will create a "new" industry standard for catheter engineers and device engineers as they seek to speed their prototyping efforts and improve time to market initiatives. The Chamfr™ MARKETPLACE will offer engineers and supply chain professionals a one stop shop for all of your immediate catheter engineering requirements. Poba Medical will initially offer over thirty (30) unique balloon parts with a 24 hour delivery guarantee and an expected expansion to over 100 part numbers by the end of 2018. These unique balloons will include, standard Nylon and Pebax PTA balloons, High Pressure Balloons, unique shapes, polyurethane materials, occlusion designs, balloon-in-balloon designs, multi-lumen balloons, balloon diameters up to 45mm, balloon lengths up to 300mm, and proprietary Poba51™blends. Chamfr™ anticipates beta launch in early June 2018!

"Poba Medical is taking a leadership position in medical balloon technology. Poba Medical is proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Chamfr Marketplace. This partnership gives device engineers a powerful edge when it comes to prototyping medical devices. All our products will have a 24-hour delivery guarantee. Speeding up medical device prototypes and testing. Device engineers will have access to unique product engineering drawings and compliance charts. This offers device engineers a superior prototyping ability by fully understanding each products specification and individual performance capability. Poba Medical looks forward to working with Chamfr™, bringing innovative medical products to the world."

Rodrigo Ojeda, Quality Engineer Class of 2017, NAU Mechanical Engineering