The early days of “Plain Old Balloon Angioplasty” have advanced well beyond the humble beginnings as the preferred minimally invasive treatment for vascular stenosis. Advancements within the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialty continue to emerge as unmet clinical needs develop for the use of balloon based therapies. Through our partnership with ExperiENT Medical, Poba Medical is challenging the design paradigm for balloon and device performance in several emerging ENT areas including:

  • Nasal Airway Support
  • Snoring
  • Epistaxis
  • Drug or Steroid Delivery
  • Chronic Sleep Apnea
  • Swab Delivery

Dr. Robert S. Bridge is the co-founder of ExperiENT Medical and experienced Otolaryngologist in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr Bridge stated, “Balloon technologies have revolutionized medicine on the procedure side for many years. Balloons primary and initial impact in Otolaryngology came around 2007 to 2008.  I personally had the idea to reduce the amount of tissue removal typically involved for all sinus surgeries in the early 90's. Not every patient needed extensive surgery for limited sinus disease.  I had utilized laser technology to precisely remove or open the sinuses and especially in limited disease in the sinuses. When exposed to the new balloon in 2008, I felt this would be a great tool to approach the affected sinus to safely access and rinse out the cavity of infectious materials not fully treated by medication.  I performed the first balloon sinuplasty in Arizona in late 2008.  The balloon applications in ENT have grown with uses in several areas and especially involving the airways as well as other closed spaces.  Balloons have enabled the physicians to do many procedures in the office with less anesthesia and less post-operative discomfort.”