Experient Medical is an Arizona based device company that develops novel balloon-based therapies for disorders of the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT). Founded by Doctor Robert Bridge and Dan Kasprzyk (also formally known’s as Poba’s CEO) in 2019. After 30 years of experience as a ENT, Dr. Bridge made a crucial pivot in his career by pursuing a career in  manufacturing engineering, and decided to approach Poba medical with two device concepts. Already owning his own Intellectual Property, Dr. Bridge had a provisional patent filed, which Poba quickly took the designs from and turned them into engineering drawings ready for prototyping.

In addition to creating models and engineering prints of the devices, POBA also 3D printed devices and anatomy models. These physical models allowed Dr. Bridge and our team to have a hands-on approach to make desired changes by visualizing the space and understanding how the device interacted with the anatomy of the body.

From Poba Medical's first prototype to now, the company has gone through over a dozen iterations with 3D printing and full manufacturing processing. Poba's ISO 13485 certification along with it's catheter assembly capabilities, allow the company to take projects from design all the way to commercial launch. With Poba's expanding labor force for balloons as well as catheter manufacturing Poba intends to support Experient and Dr. Bridge through continual design iterations and also run the device through design verification, validation and FDA submission by the end of 2020.