Accumed will develop its disruptive balloon platform, ARIVE working with POBA Medical focusing on multiple applications for ARIVE in PCI, PAD and other markets.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2022 / -- Accumed Radial Systems is pleased to announce a strategic deal with POBA Medical, Inc., to develop prototypes of our unique, patented, and disruptive Accumed Radial Intra Vascular Extension (ARIVE) platform. POBA will develop ARIVE prototypes for various applications working with Accumed Radial teams while providing POBA’s design, manufacturing, and scale-up expertise. POBA will simultaneously make an investment in Accumed Radial. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

Accumed Radial’s ARIVE platform is a low regulatory threshold, interventional cardiology balloon platform aimed at improving procedure outcomes by disrupting how such balloons function. Currently, interventional cardiology balloons occlude blood flow when inflated during procedures such as balloon angioplasty, or as drug coated balloons, or to stem dissections. This severely limits the time of balloon deployment. In contrast, the ARIVE balloon, when inflated, allows perfusion/blood flow, and thus can be used for a much longer period at the application location, compared to existing balloons. Using existing balloon materials and existing manufacturing techniques, ARIVE is being developed with a low regulatory threshold in mind, and thus a short path to market creating significant innovations in any applications where balloons are used. Just in cardiology, that addressable market in the US alone is estimated at over $1 BB.  

"Accumed Radial warmly welcomes POBA to its growing list of partners and investors. POBA is a pioneer in balloon manufacturing, and they are a superb partner to prototype our ARIVE platform capabilities. We appreciate their validation of the ARIVE platform through their investment”. - Raj Riswadkar, CEO“

We are pleased to have POBA invest in Accumed Radial Systems and especially in our unique and disruptive ARIVE platform. Given the 25-year plus history of balloon expertise in POBA’s team, we appreciate the vote of confidence their investment places in ARIVE’s value proposition and manufacturability.”- Patrick O’Neill, Founder and Chairman“

POBA Medical is excited to partner with Accumed Radial Systems and their world class group of clinician entrepreneurs and inventors. This partnership allows us to leverage our young team’s ability to create novel solutions utilizing our balloon and catheter expertise. As interventional radial access approaches 90%+ plus of all interventional access we want to help pioneer the best available tools.”  - Dan Kasprzyk, Founder and CEO

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About Accumed Radial Accumed Radial designs and develops medical devices for interventional cardiology; a medical specialty that treats the current worldwide epidemic of heart disease. Accumed Radial is developing a portfolio of near-term devices that are desired and needed by interventional cardiologists to improve clinical outcomes. Accumed Radial strives to develop devices that are innovative, patented, have low-or-no competition, and have easier/simpler FDA regulatory requirements. Accumed Radial plans to take some of its product ideas all the way to through market launch, while also actively working on different business options for our other products, such as partnerships, license agreements, or outright dispositions.

About POBA Medical POBA Medical Inc., a leading medical balloon developer and manufacturer based in Flagstaff AZ, specializes in angioplasty style balloon and catheter development including high volume production. They have extensive capabilities to customize balloon specifications to any consumer needs or desires with a diverse material selection. Balloon capabilities range from diameters of 1mm - 45mm and lengths form 5mm - 350mm with materials ranging from PET, Nylon, Pebax, polyurethane, multi-layer blends, and Poba51™. In its short history, POBA has designed catheters and balloons for 100’s of customers, currently sells over 100 of off-the-shelf chamfr™ balloons, all from a 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Flagstaff AZ, which is being expanded.

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