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Not So Plain Old Balloon Angioplasty (Ebook)

Poba - plain old balloon angioplasty - a coin termed by pioneering medical balloon company Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.,describes the simple yet powerful action that balloons can have on the human body. Angioplasty, from the Latin angio-, meaning “relating to vessels,” and -plasty, meaning “molding or forming,” started as an idea to use minimally invasive techniques to open up clogged blood vessels from the inside.

This idea proved strikingly successful, and over the past fifty years, has led to the formation of hundreds of startup companies that produce balloons for an ever-expanding list of applications. This eBook will describe not only the past, present, and future of these medical balloons, but will thoroughly cover all of the factors that one can adjust when designing and fabricating new balloons for unexplored applications. Through this work, you will see that balloons are now anything but old and plain.

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