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Balloon Development

We manufacture medical balloons in different varieties of Nylon, Pebax, Urethane, PET, Poba 51™, along with different blends of all of the above with 30+ years of experience.

Contract Manufacturing

Specializing in rapid turn catheter balloon design and development, common off-the-shelf medical balloon sizes and materials, complex material and application challenges, and full scale production supply.

Balloon Testing

We test all medical and catheter balloon performance characteristics specified by customers including fatigue testing, burst testing, dimensional testing, and visual inspection.

Technology Transfers

Poba offers balloon development including the creation of ballon recipes to meet customer specifications. Technology transfers can include the ability to purchase and transfer recipes.

Device Prototyping

We've prototyped Endoscopic Accessories, Balloon Post Processing, Stent Frames, Urology Devices, Ears, Nose, and Throat (ENT) & MUCH MORE.

Clinician Inventors

A world of possibilities starts with a single idea. We offer unparalleled medical device expertise as we work with clinician inventors to discover, innovate and deliver the unexpected.

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